Street Yeats

I'm doing it! yes Street Yeats is a go!

Aim : To expose Malaysian to written art (poems)
and for you to cross one of your TO-DO list

Mission : To reach out to the audience though poem recitation

Motive : Allow Malaysians to enjoy and savour poems written by well renowned poets 

Method :
1) Get into one team, minimum of 5 person.
2) Go to targeted place, for example KL Sentral
3) Find a good spot – read the poem
4) The session should be over within half an hour or so

Why should I join? 
Because you love literature and art!

What should I do?
You may pick an English poem of your choice and bring it along with you

When is 'Street Yeats"?
It is going to be held on Friday evening at 4.30 p.m
on 21st June 2013

Who am I meeting on that day?
Maybe stormtroopers and chewbacca
 (kidding, well new friends from other universities)

Is this project associated with any groups? 
Yes, awesome group of people.
No, we are not associated to any organizations or what's not
;- independent poets

What's with the name ' Street Yeats'
It was inspired by an Irish Poet William Butler Yeats, we adopted his surname with the notion - poets, however unconventionally we are found by the streets.
Reading from Tennyson or weeping for Plath

I have never heard of this before - who are you people?
This is a pilot project, alive and kicking lab mouse.
you're about to be apart of something big..

How can I participate?
You can give your name to me through email
mention me on twitter 
(I prefer the second option)

Take note that the place is limited.
We like it personal *creep*

Have a great day ahead :D

Further Info - clickity here 18 Days More

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