Kak Bib Suri's Farewell Party

Fathiah, Liebe and me were having lunch when this idea came up; how it would be like after Kak Bib, our Ketua Blok leaves for she will be graduating next year. She was such a dear to all; being the first senior to welcome us into UPM..catering to our needs (welfare of the block and us her little sisters). We can't help but to at least appreciate her kindness by giving her a proper farewell party. After few weeks of planning, Alhamdulillah everything falls perfectly into place (of course with the help of the rest of Tuah sisters whom I care for so much - Yuppie, Yana, Why, Ain, Fatin, Qema, Naina, Kim ) 

Fathiah got this plan..well she persuaded Kak Bib to have a long walk with her to Bukit Ekspo and so Kak Bib has no idea what was in store for her that evening..surprise surprise!

Hue hue hue

We will miss you Kak Bib, hopefully you would cherish our moments together - with the whole Tuah family. Your presence has been so meaningful to us. May Allah bless you always now,  in the future and the hereafter insyAllah :'D

Semoga berjumpa lagi.

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