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Alhamdulillah, to Allah's blessing I'm still alive and that we meet again (here)


Yes, yesterday was our final class (ended in quite a drama). The study week starts from 1st June up till 9th June 2013. To be frank, the time provided is very limited and a fixed time table is needed. My experience with time table began when I was in my second semester. I learnt my lesson during the previous finals; I did not plan my time wisely. Katanya live and let live (yeah right), as expected I flunk the test. Surely I regretted it a lot, ever since I allocate a specific time for studying - exclusively for study week. I'm sure some of us are struggling to find a way to make sure we are on track with our subjects therefore here's a suggestion from me. Hopefully it helps :)

Semester 4, (for the sake of future reference I'm going to be very honest about it) has been a tough ride. In comparison to semester 3, we had a very packed schedule. Classes on friday till 7 p.m who on earth would like that? I know I didn't. The lecturers was a big deal; they have different personalities and habits that we need to cater too. Some prefers a hands on learning thus our assessments consists of making videos (a whole lot of them) A short film, a family video, a poem recitation video and others. To a point shooting clips and editing has been part and parcel in our learning process. The positive side of it is that we now know how to make our own videos - for it was foreign to us previously. My group got help from Rizal Sadiman , I owe him the deal for teaching us the 101 to video making. Thank you so much rizal, for Allah can repay your deeds insyaAllah. 


For our Teaching of Language of Poems (subject) our lecturer took us out for some field trip. We went to KL Sentral and Putrajaya Wetland for inspiration. Never before I experienced writing outside of the classroom. It was a lot of fun and very refreshing to finally do the A. Samad Said (Click here to read the Poem ) Afterwards I think we should do poem recitation there or at Central Market; we should call it 'Street Yeats' or anything catchy, we'd read out certain scripts and inspire the passers-by - all for the love of art. *virtual high five if you agree with me* 

My dearest coursemates, I'm just glad that we are growing closer each day. Toleration and adaptation is key, we can't change people to what we want  them but what we can do is to accept them for who they are, we are human - we are prone to making mistakes here or there. In the worst situation, we should stay together and get a hold of ourselves instead of back biting each other. Firstly, it is not healthy..secondly is it worth to destroy years of friendship? I bet that's a gamble no one should take. Be forgiving, one will be at peace. Holding on to the past don't do anyone any good. Look at the bright side - we're durable bunnies, in hard times we persevere. 


Again, in this semester I'll be in another production. I got one of the major roles among other five. All the best to the actor and actresses, we should work hard for this. Festival Teater Selangor is a different stage if compared to MAKUM or FESTIK competitions. I'll be in the studio again this Monday, YET I have not memorized my script. Tabur bunga atas pusara please =.='

Till we meet again!

*FINALS is around the corner. Study well and stay healthy :D


Lisa Noorazmi said...

It sure is getting more and more challenging. Glad to hear someone else is on the same page as I am in terms of schedule management.

Anyway, all the best, mai. :)

Maisarah Fadzil said...

hey lisa, haven't heard bout you in a while..

Thank you :)