Finals Guilt Trip


    The other night with a bunch of friends, I went out for a dinner - to a Korean Barbecue place called Seoul Garden. I've been there a lot during my foundation, we kinda love the open buffet-all-you-can-eat style ;

...that's exactly where the trouble started; I have totally forgotten about my mission! 
Grilled meat, chicken, prawns, mushrooms (lots of these) noodles (beyond the suggested rule of palm) and to make it even worse I had 4 servings of dessert/sweet drink

1) 7 up 
2) Mocha ( I refilled this twice)
3) Mocha vanilla ice cream float 
4) Ice lemon tea+cincau+honeydew

My diet scheme went downhill and into the bottomless pit of shame

What have I done to myself?
I have been training hard to get fit and healthy
and this is how I betray myself..?

(source : Fitspoholic )

Some of my friends mock me with this question 'kau diet?' 'buat apa diet?'
If what you have in mind diet means cutting down food intake drastically
You have been listening to little fools talk (way too much)

By dieting I'm emphasizing on the healthier option of food with the right serving - suitable for the daily energy requirement. We have not been eating right all our lives, when are we going to make a move? Do something about it?! 

The struggle is real. The situation above proves how so very tricky this process is. I must admit I am still in the 'fat and sugar rehab' - not quite sober. 

I'm going to get back to my training tomorrow insyAllah.

[This post serves as a journal to my personal progress]

Date : 18/6/2013
Previous weight : 56.8 kg
Current weight : 54.2 kg
Target weight : 52 kg
BMI : 21.7
Body Fat Index (approx) : 32.2 %
Current waist to hip ratio : 0.74
Target Waist to hip ration : 0.7
Blood pressure : 122/ 89 mmHg
Pulse rate : 106 ppm

I need to focus on  working out because I wish to join NikeFree (next year); to  be able to run as for as long as I could... challenge myself a bit..and see where it would take me :)

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