India (50++ images)

Because I'm one sexy ass pemalas to type in the details, I'm just going to upload some pictures and small descriptions below it. Why do I keep on mentioning India over my blog so many times? Firstly cuz it ain't yo momma's blog (gurau saja) secondly I am truly fascinated with this incredible piece of land. 

some images may come from other sources - credit to HRD students

Me and Persis

aku masih simpan sampai sekarang

As you can see, I'm the bag guardian

Chennai Airport, enjoying myself fosho

kebulur sangat masa ni

we have here, chicken, mixed veggies, some tandoori chicken, pasta and basmathi rice

Preaparing for the speech, as a representative for UPM students
a very good morning I bid to..

paying attention sangat katanya..

this is buttered garang chai (hot tea) it taste really good, along with the spinach fritters and chocolate cake

Our room with Miss E

Miss Darshini - what a lovely person she is

truly Malaysian..ahaa

Haa ini, all vegetarian lunch. 

the rooftop 

hand painted table found inside the centre

the buildings in Chandigarh

Cute dustbin in Panjab University - itu ecah di sebelah kanan

Ini Mahatma Ghandi with his wife 
Books dedicated to Ghandi's contribution - all in locked old cupboards 

Notice the chai (tea) this one have a layer of foam with cocoa powder on top - the BEST TEA ever!

A department that catches my eyes the most - get the hint?

The student centre, they hang out here and have a cup of tea (similar to the one above)  I like the concept

Rose Garden

On our way up to Shimla (ehemmm THE THREE IDIOTS shooting location)
Ini buttered chai with ginger - very refreshing on a cold day. pun sangat sedap 

it's cold, koldeveri

sangat sendu merenung ke luar tingkap

the geography

most wanted - heater 

colonial painting that captures the space

kalau anda tak suka sayur, di sini anda bakal berebut nak makan. everything is so sweet/crunchy/firm

Our lunch in Shimla - vegetarian lagi!

saya pada waktu itu memakai hampir 4 layer baju, itu pun masih sangat sejuk

puas jalan-jalan di Shimla, pekena hot chocolate dulu

it started snowing this time

gigih mencuba pam air, sangat antik

ingat ada dlm movie bollywood aje..

the most authentic way of cooking, serious sedap

now LUNCH TIME! after a long trip back from Shimla to New Delhi

ini masih dlm daerah Punjab

presentation restaurant ini hebat, ada fake elephant

giving you the mood of this place

lega dapat turun bas - nampak tak kelegaan itu?

jeruk lada on a stick anybody?

Our main course

Pencuci mulut - coarse sugar, cumin and brown sugar

nantikan sambungan - Taj Mahal

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