India II (60++ images)

Here's the continuation from the previous post..INDIA I

greeted with cold dew coming from the fountain 

the place. too huge for a restaurant I must say

what's up with this? well this is the largest dumping site in new delhi, here lies the slums. banyak sangat burung gagak di sini, it was rather smelly and the air doesn't 'taste' right - I sneezed the whole time while we were by passing this place.

it might sound bizarre, but the people who lives in the dumping site has a great role to India's recycling and disposal management; see they collect all the reusable items and sell those back to the factories. It was documented, yet I forgot he title.

After such horrendous trip (their traffic jam is beyond believe) we finally arrived in Grand Sartaj Hotel.  To my surprise the room was well decorated with authentic Indian design, hardwood floor, samsung flat screen and a view overlooking the city of new delhi. Extra stars goes to this hotel for their room service, very efficient indeed. 

Sampai je bilik cempak beg, I penuhkan bath tub dgn air panas.  HEAVEN SANGAT. hahaha, kalau winter tanpa hot bath apalah gunanya..

The next day, we headed to Agra for.....

Hint : 'Mahal'

Wait for it...

the guarding castles around it

the main entrance from inside of The Mahal


It was a very sunny day, the sun shone like it never did yet the cold wind is still present therefore shivering itu masih amat tegar..

What's indie Taj Mahal.the pictures below will reveal all

ada banyak chambers and windows made from carved marble

outside the taj

neighbouring mosque

local tourists

picit the kubah!

the same type of rock used to make the red wall of Agra and Jama  Mosque

dah puas jalan,lunch dulu..beriyani kambing with butter chicken..sedap sangat!

vegetable soup for appetizer

then pi kilang marmar..oh what delicate work

then we head out to the other significant place, the Jama Mosque..Obefiend from Blog Serious once made a post bout HERE FOR MORE you'll get better understanding how things are there..

the design, remarkable.. 

didakwa ini tapak kaki Rasulullah yang berkunjung ke Masjid Jama..wallahualam

the main gate

the Moslem town, the only town in India to sell halal beef and celebrate Eid ul Adha

last lunch at Lazeez Affaire, and we're of to the airport. Goodbye India :)

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