Labour Day Urban Getaway

Assalamualaikum my beloved readers, how are you doing?
I've not been writing (again) yes simply because I'd tweet stuff away rather than compiling it here..blogging is soon becoming more of a chore than a hobby. hihi I know most bloggers feel this too

Alhamdulillah! Life as always has been a blessing, and even more now with the presence of

Lovely Hybrid Green Bean, 

sadly it is not mine, but I'd love to have him someday..

Okay the point it, it has made our life easier..
thanks to its lovely and generous owner 

Miss Hanisah Zolkifli right here :

Comei dak? :p

It was unplanned, and most of us well we haven't done most of our assignments..However we felt that, hey let's just head out anyway. The week has been rough with the deadlines and raging hormone (and lacking of cute guys lulz kidding). Surprisingly we woke up early, by 10 a.m we're already on the road..The power of motivation..We thought of going to Bangsar..then it changed to Midvallley and finally...


Our first CupcakeChic experience!
It was okay, tasted better cupcakes baked by this ukhti down here ( sila scroll)

Iranian Nasriah!

We made it to Curve Damansara! Mula-mulanya sesat gara-gara salah set up GPS..

The REWARD...da da da dummm!
meatballin! The portion selaku kaki makan pun tak mampu nak habiskan :O

I think we all agreed that this looks most liveable..loved the sunny yellow wall! 

I can just throw them handbags into one these racks..Lazybum like me adores this..lul

                                        and most importantly I discovered this...


p/s Picture credit goes to the car owner..



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meia ameruddin said...

All girls are bad with directions. XD