Focusing on self discovery again.
This journey is not easy
God knows how painstakingly hard to stay in line
Seperti menunggang basikal
tiada siapa bisa bagi formula tepat
Kau akan dapat bawa bila kau sudah dapat bawa
It's explicit like that
Ada masa tergelincir sedikit ke kiri kanan
Tapi cuba kembali stabilkan diri
When you have experienced the best moments
seperti sedang enak tidur tak mungkin kau kata kau lebih memilih berjaga 
a minor reduction. Never to leave abruptly

A sahabat told me,

it's going to be hard, there will be challenges
He doesn't simply give, He would pick
those who deserving, who's in it for REAL.

This is another battle.
The noise is overwhelming.
Yet, I am going to reclaim my heart
Away from this temporary stay.

What I'm currently reading;

Katanya perlu persediaan awal..
Kedua selepas Norweign Wood

I highly recommend this book :)

What I have been up to lately;

Bulatan Cinta Osem!

Perkongsian Ilmu
Penangan Hafiz Hamidi dan Imam Muda Asyraf

Di sekitar fakulti saya. Cantik kan?
Oh My English Facilitators ^0^

Occasional luncheon with good company, tummy needs treat juga..

Pipi bukti gembira. ahakshakhak..!

Life's good so far. Alhamdulillah.
Modest and Moderate

till again! 

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