Middle Eastern Dish Review!

Good day dear earthlings, a few months ago I got the chance to have a full course of middle eastern dish ( at a fine dining restaurant in Universiti Putra Malaysia). Yes we do have training chef's that does this on regular basis every Wednesday. Been meaning to do review on the dishes, yet as always I present to you THE most cliche excuse of all - I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY.

At around 1 p.m, I got there with few other friends and we were greeted with music from the padang paseer..ya habibi ya maulaaa...! Then, we're shown to our table : note that you need to do a reservation beforehand. For ours we did them a week before because this place is usually fully booked.

The appetiser

Lattoush Salad with Potato Kibbeh

The Potato kibbeh taste a lot like our local begedil, only that it is free from the Malay spices. I feel that it was well seasoned . The taste of fresh garden salad+olive oil was balanced,even though the smell of the onion from my personal preferences was quite overpowering for the whole palette. With the combination if this two, I'm ready for the second course - the soup!

Eggplant stew served with Ciabatta Bread

To my surprise, for someone who hates eggplant this stew taste amazing! I find it soothing and it builds up the taste from previous appetiser. I think the base for this one is tomatoes, onion and chicken stock.

The main course

Bukhara Rice, lamb kebab with gremolata, snow peas subzi, salata salad and spicy arabian chicken

I was anticipating this (after the date sorbet) so badly but I'm disappointed with the rice as I find some parts of it was not cooked well enough (or we call it 'ada jelantah') My oh my what a spoiler it was to the whole table. But no worries, the other side dishes was a success. The lamb kebab was good ( a bit sour, strong hint of lemon), the snow peas subzi was crunchy - lightly sauted,with tomato based topping. The chicken was indeed spicy, do not be fooled by its innocent tamarind coated-image. HA-HA. terkezot dek non. The winner for this dish is the salata salad, my Lord the best one yet. Goes well with the chicken, it tones down the spiciness. 

The dessert. 

Baklova and Semolina Pudding served with fig and date compote

YUM! the baklova was extremely sweet with layers of nuts and caramel (strong hint of cinnamon) garnished with icing sugar. Then there was the pudding : contrasting to its neighbour, this soothes the palette. Just pure milk and cream. such win!

All in all, it was a satisfying meal. Will come back for more.note : I borrowed the pictures from one of their promoters- I can't recall her name on facebook.
Maaf tak dapat nak share link di sini.

(the other week I tried grilled lamb chop and braised rump of lamb with gratin potatoes at DELIcious - pretty good..
 along with this pretty dessert..

Berry Choc Pavlova..melts in your mouth - juga harus coba 

going to hunt for more good food!
till then :)


AiZ said...

the baklava should be sweet! coz it is doused with sugar syrup after it is baked or cooked something. haha. and was the pastry crunchy but chewy? *salivates* haven't had baklava for some time.. haha

Maisarah Fadzil said...

ahuh! it's chewy and sweet.. but not the type of chewing gum-chewy..more like hardened pastry...