PENTAS-CARE Untukmu Somalia

After one semester of careful planning and undergoing  the hassle of finding sponsorship for PENTAS-CARE - UNTUKMU SOMALIA' , we are blessed to finally being able to organize this event. The good news is the programme is at its final stage - THE SCREENING IS NEXT WEEK! The purpose of PENTAS-CARE is simple, we would like to give back, lend a hand and ease the burden of those in need

This year we have decided on focusing our energy into helping the people of Somalia whom is suffering from prolonged drought . From our personal observation, this crisis is not getting enough attention. Therefore we are trying our best to bring awareness together with MERCY Malaysia on this issue by organizing a fund raising theatre show that would attract potential audience consisting of students (primarily) and public 

The interesting bit is this program is being handled fully by the current board members (2012/2013) of PENTAS (Kelab Penggiat Teater Sejagat) with the help of other theatre enthusiasts in Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang. We have actors and actresses, creative students of diverse undergraduate studies volunteering to support this cause. 

Borrowing  from Bob Cole's A Trip to Coontown in year 1898 and The Sound of Music (1959), this year's genre is is musical comedy. There will be spectacular array of well choreographed dance moves to portray Bertolt Brech's notorious 'The Three Penny Opera' - It should be entertaining and enlightening at the same time. 

a sneak peak : 

The Threepenny Opera proclaims itself "an opera for beggars," and it was in fact an attempt both to satirize traditional opera and operetta and to create a new kind of musical theater based on the theories of two young German artists, composer Kurt Weill and poet-playwright Bert Brecht. The show opens with a mock-Baroque overture, a nod to Threepenny's source, The Beggar's Opera, a brilliantly successful parody of Handel's operas written by John Gay in 1728. In a brief prologue following the overture, a shabby figure comes onstage with a barrel organ and launches into a song chronicling the crimes of the notorious bandit and womanizer Macheath, "Mack the Knife." The setting is a fair in Soho (London), just before Queen Victoria's coronation.
source : synopsis

The director, Azwan Azhari is well known in the performing arts arena here in UPM. He has written a few scripts and acted himself (in which the writer has acted with). It is no doubt that this show would be one of his most valuable and notable work. Meanwhile, the line of actors: we have Syakiron Abdullah as the lead actor - Mekhit, Dhania Hafizah as Polly Picum, Hanafi Yunos, Huqmah Hidayah, Syazli Nasir, Sakinah Benyamin and many more. This line-up,together with the unmistakable chorus are ready to bring this script up to another level. 

In regard of the ticketing, this is how you actually donate! For each ticket with value of MYR 5 or MYR 7, the money will directly go into the Somalian fund -we do not claim any surcharge on the ticket. 
The tickets are dated as the shows will be premiered on the 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th of November. We function quite similarly to Istana Budaya, the same show will be re-staged for 3 days straight.

Important note on the ticket :

1) The counter in now open for booking ( Date : 29/10/12 until 9/11/12) - please call/sms : 

i. Adib - 012 7624 974
ii. Rizal - 017 3494 719
iii. Syafika - 017 9944 961
iv. Maisarah - 017 7293 181

2) Our policy for the ticket : it is not refundable as it is considered as a donation. 

3) If you wish to have a specific seating - you may do so by contacting our personnel at least 3 days before the actual date ( Term of service : Any abrupt requests on the premiere day would not be entertained ) 

4) Each ticket will only be valid for one date, if you are planning on watching it twice, we kindly invite you to buy another ticket on a different day.

5) There is no discount - flat rate for every student from IPTA and IPTS. 


That would be the final show for this event - the official ceremony to hand over the mock check to MERCY Malaysia's representative.We would be anticipating this day to see the total collection for the Somalia drought relief fund - wouldn't it be exciting? Plus, the press would be coming over to cover on the news - Berita Harian, Bernama, TV3 and others. Therefore be sure not to miss on this this date as well!

In a nutshell, we highly encourage you to support our cause. It is not difficult nor involves any rocket science to figure out - if we can't go out there and help them, the least we can do is contribute through this programme. Come and join us! Book a ticket now!



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Management Team


Lil Tiger said...

this is so cool. the amount of work and commitment accumulated to get this project going must be huge. Ya'll deserve a standing ovation!

Sarah Petra said...

Thank you nana for the appreciation :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Will support you guys, insyaAllah. All the best. :)