People who listen


The action or process of showing the existence or truth of something by giving proof or evidence.      

      Demonstration from my point of view is an acceptable action due to the fact that it can be done in the most peaceful non-violent manner. What is the main purpose of a demonstration? To make your voice heard : yes! Now if you want people to hear you out, do you shout to their ears? NO you don't do that. You say it in the most respectable tone, according to the right decorum. How can you expect the authority to listen when people were screaming their lungs out (with slogans of which sounds so ridiculous), making noise in the middle of the night. Logically, if they wanted to hand in some kind of memorandum : news flash! the office opens at 8.30 a.m and closes at 5 p.m. Why wouldn't they 'pay a visit' when there are actually people inside the office? That's very funny when they were enraged that nobody was there to entertain them except for the police. 
       Clearly their tactics in the movement choice was very poor, they don't plan things clearly and it was not to anyone's surprise that it got out of control. Things that should never happen, occurred beyond help. The physical gathering should allow people to express their opinion regarding some public, political or in Malaysia religion issue until their voices are heard. It all boils down to, what drove these people to go this length just to make themselves heard : nobody is saying they are completely right but behind every action there would be reason which we should consider. I personally think that, these people might had been oppressed by the system, that they decided to do something about it. Our authority is not some bloody angels, they have their own hidden agendas.

       Somehow, personally I would support the movement if it included this issue :

1) The right to know the actual amount of money present in the account that was meant for the the students programme - especially the mobility funding. It seems that it is very hard for the application for money to get through. Shouldn't the full amount of cash be given to us if the proposal has been approved? Is our money actually there? Or it has been used for something else? Why are they keeping our money? What have the system used our money for? We need explanation U** Holdings. 

If however the demonstration is based on some ancient artefact political parties I am certainly not giving a damn. Right now, I feel that the political environment is at its worst,  they are  diverging further from the original purpose, we need leaders that walk the talk. It is about time that some new light from the new generation to take over the throne, and by the year 2020 those who were born in the 90's would rule the country. 

All in all, peaceful demonstration is okay for students if it is still related to the academic world (for now) once they already have the qualification, then their words can turn to action.  Because talking alone is not enough to get the work going, and in order to do so monetary back-up is vital. Student can keep their eyes open to observe and analysis the political environment, but to actually jump into it, it is never advisable, we need more knowledge and experience. Just like this analogy, you can't start hiking up a mountain if your backpack is empty, your body isn't physically fit and you don't know the route up to the peak. 

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