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As-salam peeps! Since it's Ramadhan and I'm sure most of us have had enough of 'KFC' or 'nasi beriyani, eventually we will run outta ideas on what to eat during iftah..

Introducing the latest addition to Daily Babble : 

Yok Mangen !
*(Javanese word that means Let's Eat!)

     Today, I'll be reviewing on Nando's, a restaurant serving African-Portuguese food in a very sociable dining environment.It's main dishes are based on chicken , nothing too far stretched from our local delicacy. The last time, I went there for lunch with my mom, cause my dad is not too keen into experimenting with dishes that looks 'bizarre and out-of this-world' - therefore he sticks real hard to his 'belacan ulam-ulam'. 

     Based from my experience, the menu's quite customer friendly. If you are there for the first time, you are not going to look like a  total NOOB - yep some restaurants do make us look like a total idiot, somewhat like ayam kampung masuk Hilton Hotel (get my point? haha)

For appeteaser, I had this 
Peri Soup and Bread and the classic iced chocolate
     The taste of the soup was such a delight, slightly creamy ( I sensed fresh low fat milk, chicken stock, garlic, hint of black pepper, and paprica or they call it 'peri-peri') 4 thumbs up for the attempt of adding the zest of hot chilli into the soup, at first I thought it would feel a little shocking to the taste pallet however I was pleasantly surprised how the peri-peri compliments the soup even more! definitely the best soup in the whole town - Pizza Hut's, Kenny Roger's is NOTHING when compared to this one.. a die-die must try soup yeah! 

     Then came the main dish, I ordered Grilled Chicken Breast Burger with old style chips as the sideline while my mom chose one of the chicken meal, grilled chicken strips, rice and coleslaw. We get to determine on how spicy we want the dish to be, 

Hot Peri-peri fo both of us! :) who's afraid of some heat?

AND SO IT IS QUITE HOT..man the spiciness is somewhat different from our local Malaysian spicy taste.

hohoho..so satisfying

the final verdict : dadumm dumm

Price : medium-expensive
Food Quantity : moderate
Taste : 3.5 Stars
Environment : 4 Stars
Visit again ? : Definitely

: D

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