Spending Time

Assalamualaikum! Hey erbodyy!
How are you doing? May Allah bless you with good health :)

After the finals for semester 3, I went back south to my hometown, Johor. It was a 5 hours journey from the big city (which my father has been kind enough to pick me up from the residential college). After spending some time catching up with my family and getting back into the loops of routines, I find myself enveloped with boredom. There is ample of time available to me, but  none being debited into good use. As Ibn Abbas once narrated that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said 

'There are two blessings which many people lose ; (They are) health and free time for doing good.' (Bukhari 8/421)

It is in deep regret that I have wasted my time by spending it on social networking sites, hours of telly shows and occasional outings. As normal students, I've made a deal with myself to qada' all the free time I've crossed off the list all for the sake of assignments and events. Eventually, I need to tweak that a bit. So here is the new plan (given a facelift) 

1. Frequent Al-Quran recitation - at any time at all. Make it flexible!
2. Improve on the quality of the house keeping  :)
3. Cook healthy meal for my family + more baking.
4. Replace the singing with zikr and nasheed. Lessen the singing of nonsical music.
5. Read more books, watch videos with benefitial input
6. Go do that hobby - in my case more painting/doodling/art project
7. Re-hafaz the surahs in Al-Quran, better yet recheck the reading
8. Finally the most important : solah on time! There is no excuse for not being able to be punctual.

Note that the list are made based on my routines and I tried to be as practical as possible. Islam wants its follower to be the best that they can with ease. By setting approachable goals, it is possible to become better Muslim/Muslimah. Simply said, let's start today. 

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